Sunday, February 18, 2018
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Objective: Providing 50 families with 500 Aloevera plants


Goal: Ensure average monthly income of Rs.  5000-8000 as a sustainable house  hold  income that would lead ti improved Socio economic level within the house hold in terms of Food Security ,  Education and Health.


The Tree of Life

It is another mile stone just layed by SPDC to enhance the capabilities and the resources of North Central Province of Sri Lanka by introducing moring cultivation as livelihood of the villagers.

Moringa, is the most widely cultivated variety of the genus Moringa. It is of the family Moringaceae. It is an exceptionally nutritious vegetable tree with a variety of potential uses. Moringa tree leaves are the richest natural sources of Vitamins and Minerals on the Earth. The history of Moringa dates back to 150 B.C. Historical proofs reveal that ancient kings and queens of Sri Lanka used Moringa leaves and fruit in their diet to maintain mental alertness and healthy skin.


Breast Feeding Suppliment - Mothers who took Moringa were shown to produce more than 2 times the amount of breast milk than those who didn’t. We all know instinctively that breast milk is the ultimate food prescribed by nature for the infant child and Moringa can be instrumental in helping mothers produce more of this precious food. The use of Moringa by the mother would create the ultimate breast milk made even more nutritious by the vast array of vital nutrients naturally available to the mother. To put it simply, if the mother is granted better health by ingesting Moringa ,all of her healthy benefits are passed on to the baby for a future of better health.

Water Purification - Moringa oleifera seeds treat water on two levels, acting both as a coagulant and an antimicrobial agent. It is generally accepted that Moringa works as a coagulant due to positively charged, water-soluble proteins, which bind with negatively charged particles (silt, clay, bacteria, toxins, etc) allowing the resulting “flocs” to settle to the bottom or be removed by filtration

Commerical Products - Moringa dries Leaves/ Moringa Green Power/Moringa Oil / Moringa shampoo/Moringa Body wash / Moringa tea






Eco burners for rural houshold to prevent the usage of firewoods


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