Monday, February 19, 2018
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About us

A forum of sector experts with a   vision to become the most affective facilitator in grass root sustainable development share our knowledge & experience, provide Resources and guidance for sustainable Development and create more  choices and opportunities towards MDG.

Mr Wasantha Tennakoon- With ability to design, plan, conduct and coordinate capacity development programs, Competent in designing multimedia IEC tools, M&E and survey tools,  networking , design and develop , training manuals on adult /children education function as the C.E.O.

Mr Thusara Dharmawickrama - Having experience and expertise in web management handling the ICT4 D application sector in sustainable development and training & development.

Ms.Samanthi Rathnayake- Well experienced Dairy technologist handling the Agro/Food/Dairy base training & Development activities include design/plan and implementing as per the needs.

Advisory board

Mr Sunil Rodrigo- Dairy Technologist/Industrial Engineer/Institutional strengthening Specialist- provide required guidance and leadership to achieve optimum productivity while maintaining constant monitoring and evaluation enabling to restructure the activities to fill the gaps. Providing capacity development of the project implementing staff to achieve project goals within the given time line.




Mr Linton Fernando - Managing Director-Diligent Products- Share expertise in Training & Development in Enterprise development and Marketing, Women & Youth empowerment in Business management in Micro and Small enterprises.


The Objectives

The objectives are to empower women at households and village youth giving them recognition as equal partners in livelihood activities as well as in the social development by capacity building in awareness in counseling, conflict solution, HIV aids, house hold harmony and peace, good governance, human rights, access to Law and its application and appropriate technology application to become partners in the decision making process at the house hold and improving the socio behavioral pattern within the family and the neighborhood while reducing the environment pollution caused because of chemical fertilizer usage.


Agriculture-Sustainable Development in livelihood at grass root level-The majority of the population living in the villages of Srilanka are living on agro base activities for their livelihood.

Dairy- Appropriate Technology Transfer at Small dairy farmers/Application of ICT 4 Dairy development in Srilanka small farmer dairying which has become the most acceptable secondary income generation activities at the rural households.

Craft- Utilization of Resources and raw materials in their environments to make additional income for their livelihood-The traditional craft skills of Srilanka produce very high quality craft product for the local and international markets

Youth/Women empowerment-Recognizing the youth & women as important stake holders in the rural development process with giving them the due recognition by developing their capacities in team work and leadership



  • Women Empowerment- Ensue equal status in decision making process at all the levels
  • Youth Skill Development- Ensure recognition as an important stake holder in rural development
  • Partnership- Strengthening the partnership of private/public/Ngo sector service providers and the end recipients to achieve optimum result in the final outcome
  • Entrepreneurial Culture- facilitating and ensue entrepreneurial culture at all the levels,
  • Microfinance- Introduction of innovative and sustainable models at grass root level
  • Eco Tourism- Establishing eco tourism value chain to create win-win situation for all the stake holders sin the value chain.
  • Capacity Building- Appropriate capacity building interventions ,identified by the stake holders- conducting youth camp at Thanthirimale
  • Career Guidance- Lead the carrier r guidance path with appropriate interventions acceptable and feasible to the women and youth, especially in the conflict area.
  • ICT- Application of ICT at grass root level to improve the productivity of the village producers and service provides in their day to day lifestyles
  • Skill Development- Life skill development to build up the human resources and the future work force of the country.
  • Project Management-ensure project viability by carrying out periodical external production ,Managements and Quality Control audits to facilitate  achieving the  project goals
  • Training and Development- Designing training & development needs as per the requirement of producer/community groups, skill development programmes
  • Mobilization






To become the most innovative facilitator and social entrepreneur in creating Sustainable Development to achieve MDG through social performances development of the communities


Goals: Design, Organize and implement participatory training & development ,capacity building and awareness for women and youth to empower them to apply appropriate Technology and ICT to develop their skills and house hold productivity and achieving socio economic development at house hold level through sustainable livestock and agro base development activities in their environment to eradicate poverty


  • Designing and implementing Need assessments to identify the participatory interventions in sustainable development activities in Agro/Dairy/Craft sectors at grass root level.
  • Organizing and conducting awareness and Training & Development Programmes at Producer level/stakeholder levels.
  • Analyzing the data and information to facilitate the design process of INGO/Private/Public Sectors.
  • Organizing workshops /Meetings and Exhibitions
  • Conducting Training and Development activities in Agro/Dairy sectors/Milk Processing
  • Conducting surveys and evaluation of impacts on services.
  • Creating Concept Papers/Proposal writing/Business Development


Work accomplished

Livelihood Development of fishing community Through participatory Development - Formation of registered fishermen enterprises as business ventures to take control of the management of the fishing activities in reservoirs and house hold income generating activities of fishing families in Kurunegala district of North Western province.-Client- ADB/NAQDA

Preparation of documentation need to present to the parliamentary to gazette in exclusive rights for sale.

Establish a mobile enable network of livestock farmers who will be provided technical assistance through data/voice/SMS/methods via an e- service centre- Established dairy farmer forum with 400 members. Practicing SMS methods in obtaining their extension services with improved milk yield & productivity-DDF/ICTA

Get rid of poverty and malnutrition in a control environment through sustainable livestock development- Identifying and selection of potential farmers and Strengthening the relationship of the stake holders through need assessments and relevant interventions in filling the gaps. ILO Entergrowth

Implementing the strategic activities, expanding the paths of micro and small entrepreneurs to get access to the market with their services and products enabling them to capture a substantial market segment and realizing the effect of packaging in entering to new market-Participatory value chain development process with all the stake holders such as packaging material suppliers, packaging equipment suppliers, Service providers, consultants, experts in standards, food safety ,rule & regulation towards development of a concrete set of proposals in accordance with the constrains, opportunities and bottle necks identified in the value chain process to identify the potential hosts to implement the final on way forward proposals-ILO Entergrowth

Developing fruit base product for children addressing the nutritional aspects of the children and an energy supplement to be acceptable to adults.- Developing product suitable for children addressing the nutritional aspects and energy drink for adults and come out with an appropriate formula.-Swiss contact

Carried out need assessment to identify potential farmers, gaps and interventions and prepared the implementing proposal for capacity building of the farmers= Preparing a proposal Dairy Activities as viable and sustainable enterprises to create opportunities towards better livelihood and as a tool of eradicating poverty and economic growth. LILI Dairy

Design and establishing an outgrow system consist with 500 growers, mainly women to carry out Production of Oyster and Abalone mushroom through mobilizing, capacity building and relevant training & Development activities..= Selected 500 farmers through participatory need assessment process and made them into 10 member groups with a self appointed leader and carried out awareness programmes to develop their capacities and attitude changing and micro business management followed with appropriate technology transfer at village level by the private sector experts of the company along with an extension scheme to manage the value chain included production of seeds/distribution/training & Development/appropriate technology transfer/extension follow up /collection of the yield and assured in time payment systems-Nature Harvest


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